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 Calendar Congress 

Conference date: 26-28 Oct 2017

Registration ending : 26 Sep 2017

Abstracts ending : 22 Sep 2017 

Submission articles : 22 Sep 2017


Congress Topics:

Sport topics:

  • Mental training in coaching
  • Sport hypnosis & mental practice
  • Mental training in sport champions
  • Mental training sport records improvement

Psychology and Education Topics:


  • Basic Mental Training
  • Mental Self-Image & Goal-Image Training
  • Toughness Training and Mental Preparation for Future Events
  • Mental Training for Life Excellence
  • NLP and Positive Psychology
  • Mental Training,Mindfulness
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Performing Arts,Business and Health
  • Mental training for Flow and Wellbeing in Life
  • Mental practice on Mind- body relationship
  • Mental practice on addiction avoidance
  • Mental training in concentration improvement
  • Mental training for mood disorders
  • Mental training for anxiety management

Medical topics:


  • Mental training for patients with mental disorders
  • Mental practice for spinal degenerative injuries
  • Mental training for learning abilities enhancement
  • Mental training in rehabilitation
  • Mental training in dentistry
Congress Introduction:

The main aim of this congress is to  emphasize on mental training abilities in mastering of body and behavior.

Introducing of mental training ,improving mental abilities in improving of life quality and behavioral functions are considered to discuss.

In this congress we be used of national and olympic champions to explain about their mental practice in their succeess,also sport product exhibition would be held.

Congress Secretariat

Razi Street,Razi Medical Building,No 402,Mashhad,Iran