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Workshop of Dr. Nicole Ruysschaert

Paving your way from stress to performance enhancement with (self) -hypnosis


?.How to create your wheel of success to move toward your G.O.A.L.S



Test-anxiety is a common source of stress in sports,work,study and life. Different reasons can explain it: from personality characteristics,educational issues,high standards to “little t-traumatic experiences”,risk of rejection and formation of a negative inner self.

Working with hypnosis is part of step-by-step program to overcome test-anxiety and prepare for future challenges. In a solution oriented approach we focus on Goals and objectives,seeding positive expectation and making belief in changes. Keeping up motivation is the underlying source of energy. If some Obstacles or ‘stumbling’ stones interfere with progress,we investigate them and work through the symbolic meaning,sometimes bringing up some past imprints or traumatic experiences. Learning active/alert hypnosis helps to manage your arousal and find the suitable Activity level and focus. Creating your inner Likes,by becoming aware of an inner ‘self 2’ criticizing what you do or some destructive ego-state,and properly deal with it paves the way to better performances. To make you ready to Start you practice future-oriented hypnosis,learn to focus properly and cope with triggers to be prepared for confrontation.

Learning objectives 

Learn how (self) hypnosis is integrated in overcoming test anxiety and prepare for future challenges.

Practical exercises to discover and managing properly each aspect of the G.O.A.L.S.

Discovering how hypnosis helps to discover goals en meaning

Developing resources in trance

Exploration of Obstacles

Improving self-image